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DIY Noise Reduction Headphones (JHKG3000)

These are noise reduction headphones, designed for listening to audio while using outdoor power equipment or working in a noisy environment, such as a modern “open” office. They are cobbled together from a pair of hearing protection ear muffs and a pair of inexpensive headphones. The only tools required are a drill, soldering iron, and a knife or small screwdriver.

Please note that you can buy items like this for about $20 more, so if you don’t have the tools it is probably not worth the time. Since I already have a nice soldering station, it was worth it for me for a few reasons. First, I saved $20. My time is valuable, but this was fun to do so I basically got paid to play. Also, the pre-built versions have features I specifically do not want, such as a built-in radio or audio passthrough which allows outside noises to come through at a reduced level. I prefer quiet. Finally, the biggest benefit for me is that they allow me to listen to music at a reasonable level, rather than blasting it to overpower small engines or loud coworkers.

I have seen plans for similar projects online, but what I like about this one is that it requires very little manipulation of the headphone speakers and does not require you to remove the delicate parts from their plastic housing.

Hear are the parts required:
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