Covers – A Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with covers.  If the artist is attempting to be serious and cover one of my favorite songs, I am usually disappointed or annoyed.  On the other hand, when the original song is stupid in the first place or immensely popular, I get a strange pleasure from hearing the song get butchered.

I am experimenting with a few flash-based mp3 players on this site, and will be adding playlists for my various cover song collections as I get around to it.  To get things started here are some of my favorite “punk/humorous” covers.

Jason’s Favorite Punk/Humorous Covers

Here is another playlist.  This is a Carpenters tribute album with some great tracks, particularly “Superstar” by Sonic Youth.  They really bring out the dark, co-dependent, depressing nature of most Carpenters lyrics.  Very sad…

If I Were a Carpenter


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